Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here's the Plan

Last night I purchased my plane ticket back home. Wednesday, May 26th. Very soon. I know its right around the corner, but I feel like returning home as soon as possible is what my body, mind and soul need right now to be healthy again. I am pretty sad that I am leaving in this way, with such a rush to get back, but the current conditions have made this my reality.

My plan is to take these next two weeks and a half slowly, focusing on my school work. School, home, school, home, school, home...As my boyfriend and mother say. I'm going to try to live day by day as calm and stress-free as possible, trying to appreciate the little time I have left.

I'm happy to know I'll be home soon so I can finally have the deep rest, serenity and recuperation with my family that I've been needing.

Pictures: Pedazos 2 and Mi Riena, both by Lilian Wilson, I chose Pedazos 2, becuase it's a great representation of the way I feel right now, not whole, not healthy and loosing my true substance. I added Mi Riena because the young girl in the picture has a serene look on her face and a bright, shining heart-I'm returning home in the hopes of healing and finding this same serenity and shining and strong heart.

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