Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Pause for Soil

While somewhat related to my blog, this entry will be the first of many interchapters or I guess you could say "interpostings" that explore the various complex, fun, grave or light hearted topics that come across my path on this journey.

At one of our Organic Farm School classes, geographer Pat Farrell started class with the following poem:


My country is this dirt
that gathers under my fingernails
when I am in the garden.
The quiet bacteria and fungi,
all the little insects and bugs
are my compatriots.
They are idealistic, always working together
for the common good.
I kneel on the earth
and pledge my allegiance
to all the dirt of the world,
to all of that soil which grows
flowers and food
for the just and unjust alike.
The soil does not care
what we think about or who we love.
It knows our true substance,
of what we are really made.
I stand my ground on this ground,
this ground which will
recruit us all
to its side.

-Ellie Schoenfeld (The Dark Honey: New and Used Poems, 2009. Duluth: Clover Valley Press)

Well, what do you think?

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