Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st Day of Class....A Near Failure!

How exciting, the first day of class! Yeah right....

First Class: Silly me signed up for a doctorate class for students working on publishing articles-not for me. I had no clue, did I pay attention to the "coloquio científico" in front of the class title? Nooooo....I just said, hm, what's that? Who knows, I'll take that class. Luckily the professor was kind enough to explain his class to me and offered to be my adviser in Rural Sociology.

Second Class (after wandering around for 4 hours): No one showed up, no professor, no students!

How did my first day of class go you ask? Well I don't know, I have yet to take a class! Hopefully things go better tomorrow.

One good thing that happened today was that while I was wandering around campus for 4 hours, I ran into the director of social services at Chapingo who also just happens to be the Texcoco Rotary member in charge of the club's community service! My first club meeting will be next week. At least I got that figured out!

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