Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet my Family!

I want you all to meet the Galicia-Gonzalez family.

My uncle, who we all call el Guero (as a joke because the term is used to describe someone who is very pale and he is very dark) is a camion or bus driver in Mexico City. He is such an amazing person for many reasons including his deep knowledge of everything including Mexican history and traditions. He is also the person who inspired my brother to become a break dancer. One year when our family came to visit, my uncle told us that as a teenager, he would travel around the city break dancing. He then showed us some of his moves and that’s when Jason started to dance.

My mom’s sister Evelyn, her youngest sibling, stays at home and takes care of their children Adrian, 9 and Belen, 5. She is such a caring, strong and trustworthy person.
My cousin Belen loves to watch Michael Jackson videos, play with Pulgoso and dance ballet. Once she wakes up, she doesn’t stop talking until she goes to bed and has the most tangled long hair I have ever seen! Belen wants me to tell you all that she sends tons of hugs and kisses to my mom Belem and to our dog Chamaco. Adrian, he big brother likes to draw, play and learn in school. He is so intelligent that he often gets bored in his classes and is very responsible for his age.

The family has a little white dog named Pulgoso/Pulgas (used to describe someone or something with fleas), four turkeys, dos chickens and a dove that they keep for meat and eggs.
I love spending so much time with them, once I start school, who knows how often I’ll be with them. Hopefully I can come back and visit every weekend.

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  1. Adrian is so big! I remember meeting him in the airport on my way home from my trip! I gave him a high five and a few pesos that I had left over. Tell your familia hello and give them my best!