Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Amazing Breakfast

(The picture has nothing to do with my story. This is a picture of one of the buildings at my school, how beautiful, no?)

You are not going to believe what just happened!

So today I went to this place down the street from my house where I go to eat frequently. The ladies that work there are very nice. I love to talk to them and the food they cook is great and cheap. I went there today for breakfast like I do maybe once or twice a week. I noticed a man sitting there with a jacket that says, "Correos de Mexico" (the Mexican mail) on the back of it, then I look out the window and I see his motorcycle with mail baskets overflowing with mail. I sat there for a little bit thinking, "Hmmm.....I wonder if he could give me some information about my missing mail?" I have been waiting for over a month now for mail from my family and my boyfriend Miguel. Then I thought, "Nooo, hes eating right now, I wont bother him."

Later he got up and was getting ready to leave, so I decided it was a good chance to approach him and ask him if he knew of my missing mail. He told me to write down my name and address and from where I was expecting my mail. As soon as I started writing my name, he quickly left and came back with a card from Miguel! He told me he has had a box and two cards of mine for a number of weeks now. Unfortunately he had just sent back a birthday card from my parents saying my address could not be located. He was just going to do the same thing today with my box and card from Miguel. Tomorrow I will receive the box I've been waiting for for so long!

I guess the problem is that since my house does not have a mail box or PO Box I will never get my mail if someone isn't home to answer the door when the mailman knocks. How horrible. So what I did was ask the ladies at the restaurant down the street if they could please receive my mail when it comes in and I'll pick it up when I come to eat breakfast. Of course being the great women the are, they said yes.

If I had decided not to go to breakfast today, or if I had gone later, I would have missed the mailman! If I had decided not to ask him, I would have never gotten my mail! What a glorious day!

It is these little daily coincidences that help everything work out. This isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened here. I have found various connections between people back home and here, incidents that have allowed me to find my way back home, to catch the right bus or to meet just the right person. I am thankful for going to eat breakfast today at the restaurant down the street at the same time as the mailman as I am grateful for all the little mishaps and events that have happened and for all the willing people who have taken a few minutes of their time to help me.

These are things that bring joy into our lives and remind us that we are interconnected and that everything has a way of figuring itself out. What an amazing way to start off my day!

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