Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The notion of community

I'm currently doing reading my homework for my class, Indigenous Agriculture Issues, and I found this great definition by Mixe author Floriberto Diaz Gomez for indigenous community and thought it a fitting as a great definition for any type of community, not just for a strictly indigenous community, check it out-

"No se entiende una comunidad indígena solamente como un conjunto de casas con personas, sino de personas con historia, pasada, presente y futura, que no sólo se pueden definir concretamente, físicamente, sino también espiritualmente en relación con la Naturaleza toda."

Which translates to........

"An indigenous (in this case, ANY community) community is not strictly understood as a grouping of houses with people, but people with a history, past, present and future, that is not solely defined concretely and physically, but also spiritually in relation to all of Nature."
- Floriberto Díaz Gómez

How do we perceive what community means to us? To what communities do we belong to? And how do we belong to these communities? This idea has some relation to my project of sharing the stories of those in our own communities that I wrote about in my last posting.....the idea of community, something I've been contemplating recently.

Picture: Huichol art exemplifying the concept of Diaz Gomez's idea of community.

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