Sunday, November 22, 2009

Energy Drain

Oh my goodness, this is crazy.......I have been working sooooo extremely hard the past 3 weeks and I've just calculated that in these past few weeks I've cranked out +100 pages of essays (~16 short to loongg papers) and 6 power point presentations, all in Spanish of course! mind is filling up with too much academia; I need a change of pace. I need a few nights of great sleep, meditation, the outdoors, a vanilla cigar, a large glass of wine........ Soon this masochism (because I do enjoy it at the same time) will be over and I'll be off on an amazing road trip. I have to get everything done by tomorrow afternoon before I leave on an 18 day trip to the northern part of Mexico where I'll be happy to say I will not do one ounce of homework or be sitting in front of the computer like I have been doing for what seems like a short eternity;) Who knows how many hours I've just spent in front of the computer!

Well the great thing about this all is that I've completed my first graduate semester here en Chapingo and I've learned so much, I'm really looking forward to next semester. Ok, back to work!

Painting: Antonio Ruíz, El sueño de la Malinche (“The Dream of Malinche”), 1939.

Right now I feel like la Malinche in this painting, with the weight of not Nueva Espana on top of me, but of books and books and books and books!

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