Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Government's Secret (or maybe not so secret) Plan

Above Picture: Centeotl, Mexica/ Aztec Corn Goddess.

So I wasn't so sure before, or lets say, I didn’t know enough to know….but now I'm totally aware that Mexico's government is privatize the whole country and handing it over to big corporations. They've done away with various public institutions including the labor union and the company Luz y Fuerza, one of Mexico's largest unions (~4,000 employees) and public electricity provider and its national germplasm repository/seed bank among others. For years now, people here in Chapingo have been in fear that the school is next.... Mexico’s government seems to be following the 'America way of business', the privatization of everything.

And Monsanto is just loving it all! As of recently, Mexico, birthplace/cradle of maize, is now allowing its first planting of GMO corn crops in the northern part of the country....See ya 50+ criollo varieties that have been saved, improved and planted for over 300 generations of Mexican farm families. Corn, only the most sacred and important crop in the country.

A little side note: Mexico once provided enough corn to feed its entire population was even exporting corn to other parts of the world but now it's importing +60% of its corn....from where? Take a wild guess.....

No national seed bank to go back to when all the GMO corn has contaminated every last corn stalk in the country by open pollination (something we can't control).....Don't worry! Monsanto has that covered! They just recently signed an agreement with Mexico's National Confederation of Corn Producers (CNPAMM), which is affiliated with the umbrella agriculture association National Campensino Confederation (CNC), agreeing to "work together" to protect Mexico's indigenous maize varieties! Ahhh!!! Are you kidding?! This plan also includes the planning of GM corn seeds that will not sold commercially...BUT if all works out (and I'm sure it will the way things are going), the seeds could be grown commercially shortly. How beautifully this all fits together.

You know the ironic thing.....Most GM corn is modified to be resistant to European corn bores, an insect that doesn’t even exist in Mexico.

Lets not forget the two larges media companies in the country, Televisa (the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world) and TV Azteca (once a public media source, privatized in 1993), and the influence Mexico's politicians have over these companies and what is transmitted to the Mexican people. Then there's the war on drugs that the national army heads...

What does this all mean........ complete militarization and privatization, the loss of all human rights.

A link about what happened Luz y Fuerza, sorry English speakers, this cartoon is in Spanish!

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